Partial list/ See video below:

2017: A Space Left Open: Impact Dance (Fort Collins, CO), guest choreographer; Here Comes the Sun, Canyon Concert Ballet's annual contemporary program (Fort Collins, CO).

where others end, and she begins, 2016
Canyon Concert Ballet, Fort Collins, CO

In a Whispering Copse, 2015
Colorado Mesa University, Grand Junction, CO

The Nutcracker (Snow Scene and Act II), 2014
Grand Junction Symphony Orchestra, Grand Junction, C

Jane Eyre, 2014
Colorado Mesa University

The Raven, 2013
Napa Valley Ballet

Water Footprint: A site-specific work, 2010
*Difference of Degree Passes Over into Utter Difference of Kind, 2009
Four Loves, 2008
Fall Repertory Concert - Mt. San Antonio College

Youth America Grand Prix, 2016 and 2007
Contemporary solos presented in NYC for YAGP Finals.  2007: Rock School for Dance Education; 2016: Canyon Concert Ballet

Two Chords, 2006
Monterry Emerging Choreographers’ Showcase

*Transcendental Night, 2004 (one of 8 choreographic works presented as graduate student)
University of California, Irvine

* Pieces chosen to be presented at ACDA




Al-AndalusRuminate Barn, 2016

Music: Various







where others end, and she begins, Canyon Concert Ballet, 2016

Music: The Weekend and Ezio Bosso






A Day Without, Colorado Mesa University, 2014

Music: Olafur Arnalds, John Cage







In a Whispering Copse, Colorado Mesa University, 2015

Music: Ambient score, Vivaldi and Steve Reich






Ole (Excerpts), University of California, 2004

Music: John Coltrane




Four Loves , Mt. San Antonio College, 2007

Music: Claude Debussy



The Raven, Napa Valley Ballet, 2013

Music: Philip Glass