Below are my experimental and very novice works for the camera.  Most of them were done while on sabbatical in Germany using a sort of stream of conscious/ improvisational (and rudimentary) method for capturing footage.  For example, for the film shot in Leipzig, I had two hours before I had to catch my train.  I saw a raw, industrial section as I was riding the trolley, hoped off, found this abandoned building and had a blast capturing different shots.  (My head is so professionally cut off in the last scene!)  Five Frontier Poems was shot near the Wyoming border with Scott capturing my improvisational (and painful) romp through the fields. 

Five Frontier Poems 2014

Eagle's Nest Open Space, CO


Equilibrium in Three States: Applied, Frictional, Normal 2012

Leipzig, Germany


That Leads To and From a Still Place 2012

Karlsruhe, Germany


Corn Field 2011

Karlsruhe, Germany


Seated 2011

Haus Bethanien


white/ water 2011

Karlsruhe, Germany


The Attic 2011

Haus Bethanien


The Duet 2004

UCI Dance Studio