Yesterday, I had a really nice chat with the school director of Canyon Concert Dance Center, Teri English.  I had remarked on her varied background because it didn't seem too dissimilar to my own.  I told her that on a couple of occasions I have briefly regretted my varied background, feeling sometimes that I wish I were a crazy expert in ballet or a phenomenal expert in modern dance.  The truth is that I am an absolute hybrid of the two and perhaps even a bit more mixed up then that.  My graduate work included papers on Jackson Pollack, Allan Kaprow, Richard Wagner and Yvonne Rainer.  My current research is primarily centered on dialogical or process/ relational art and I'm fascinated by William Forsythe's Choreographic Objects.  And I basically just love dance in all its forms - high art/ low art, dancing on stage/ dancing naked in my living room (cuz I never do that) - it doesn't matter to me.  I find appreciation in all of it.  Thanks, Teri for reminding me of this!