Fiddler on the Roof @ the Rialto!

Again, just a quick reminder that there are things worth doing and seeing in NoCo.  Fiddler on the Roof  has opened at the Rialto Theatre in Loveland and will run through November 17th. 


I first saw Fiddler with my now husband in Marin County on Mt. Tamalipas.  We had just begun dating and I suggested what I thought was a creative date of taking a bus up to Mt. Tam to see the play in this famous outdoor theater.  Little did I know that Scott has pretty severe motion sickness.  This must of been nearly 18 years ago.  I swore he threw-up on the way but he's conveniently blocked it out of his memory!!  In any case, Fiddler on the Roof is such a poignant and funny play, despite Scott's "illness", I still fondly remember the event.