Canyon Concert's The Nutcracker - A Holiday Tradition


One of my favorite professors, Dr. Jennifer Fisher, wrote a book that showed me an entirely new way of understanding the annual holiday tradition, the Nutcracker.  It's called: Nutcracker Nation: How an Old World Ballet Became a Christmas Tradition in the New World.  In describing its immigration from Russia to the US, she describes how the ballet has been adopted into a myriad communities, with each borrowing and adding liberally to the tradition.  The result is a cornucopia of productions, from San Francisco Ballet's Victorian era setting, to Harlem Ballet's 1920s version set to a jazz score, to the Philadelphia Rock School's "Nutcracker 1776."  There are hip-hop, tap, and jazz productions and the Nutcracker on Ice!

Fisher writes:

Whether produced by a suburban dance school, a fledgling regional ballet, or a thriving professional company, the annual Nutcracker continues to offer a combination of factors that have value far beyond its ticket-selling prowess: it provides roles for dancers of all abilities to grow into; it offers a secular celebratory performance during the Christmas season; and it draws dance companies, volunteers and diverse communities together to celebrate values they can agree on.  Themes that have emerged most strongly in American Nutcrackers are the joy of childhood, the value of true friendship, the triumph of an underdog, and the longing for utopian realms where everyone gets along and speaks the same language.

Dancer's click on the link below for the full article by Jennifer Fisher.  The rest of you come and be a part of your community this Christmas.  Canyon Concert will have run's of the Nutcracker in both Loveland and Fort Collins.  Best of luck CCDC dancers!