SF Ballet's Onegin


Last night I got to go see San Francisco Ballet's production of John Cranko's 1965-67 Onegin .   I chose to see this production primarily because I had never seen a Cranko ballet live - only on video.  Cranko is an enormous figure in the history of ballet and is famous for his full-length productions of Romeo and Juliet and Onegin.  But I think his most lasting contribution is the fact that he encouraged Jiri Kylian, John Neumeier and possibly even William Forsythe.  As a student of ballet, I love fitting its historical pieces together.  Cranko's ballet, based on Alexander Pushkin's poem, is still"classical" in its narrative interpretation and movement choices.  There are, however, already the seeds of contemporary thinking in the pas de deux sections with their reduction of mime, the fluid and streamlined inventive movement which doesn't hesitate to use the floor and the off-centered use of weight.  Very nice evening spent with my mom!  Thanks mom.