Upcoming choreography project


Napa Valley Ballet's recital is set for June 1st and the theme is "birds."  I wasn't exactly thrilled with the idea - at first envisioning 15 different pieces with the dancers running around flapping their arms.  But, after two solid weeks of combing through iTunes and doing lots of thinking I've come up with my themes for my three classes. 

For my older girls I've mixed together a few Philip Glass pieces to create a super sombre score to go along with my interpretation of Edgar Allan Poe's "The Raven."  I have the best dancers in the school for this piece and am very excited to work with them.  For my contemporary piece I found a very cool Moby piece called, "God Moving Over the Face of the Waters."  I'm going to loosely use idea of pelicans feeding over the ocean - lots of movement into and out to the floor.  And my little ones will be cardinals to a very lovely piece by Edvard Grieg.