New Dance for the Camera...

 I have just finished and posted my first dance for the camera project in my new land - northern Colorado.  It has been a very long time since I have felt settled enough/ inspired enough to do a personal project.  The great news is that completing this last one feels like it kind of got my creative juices flowing again after a very long dry spell.  It's called Five Frontier Poems.  I filmed it in the Eagle's Nest Open Space north of Fort Collins on the way to Laramie, WY.  Mostly, it was just Scott and I fooling around with the camera and per usual I ended up liking some of the shots and not liking others.  But this seems to be my method at the moment given my limited knowledge of film-making and the improvisational nature of the method is fun and works well with our sort of unsettled lives.  But I have ideas for project that would require more planning and more technical skill and I'm looking forward to those future challenges.

My original idea for the use of the footage was to incorporate some of Gretel Ehrlich's text from her book, The Solace of Open Spaces, which is a journal of her time spent living in Wyoming.  I had been wanting to use text and it seemed a way of bringing together all the desperate shots I had in the can.  But, when I went to the local library to get a copy, they didn't have one.  (I have misplaced mine.)  Anyway, I started trying to find some regional poetry, Native American perhaps, and happened upon a book by a Coloradan poet, Robert Cooperman, entitled, in the Colorado Gold Fever Mountains.  The poems I used of his are based on a real Colorado 19th century woman, Anne B. Ellis.  His character's name is Linnett Sparks and I just loved how simple and matter-of-fact the poems are and how by the end of the few short poems I felt like I knew her.  Anyway, once I decided on these poems, the rest of it sort of took shape. 

I hope you enjoy the slow pace of it and the humor! Click above on Projects/Dance for the Camera to see it.