Barre Fitness starts Feb. 27th at CCB

Hello all in Fort Collins.  I am very excited to announce the start of my new Barre Fitness class at Canyon Concert Ballet.  The class will be every Thursday from 12noon - 1pm.  Barre Fitness is an efficient, moderately paced, full-body workout set to music but with no “choreography” to learn. Its focus is to create a strong, lean, and toned physique! No dance and/or Pilates experience is necessary.  This is a great, safe workout for most everyone.

Barre Fitness uses a unique method of cross-conditioning incorporating the most effective aspects of ballet, Pilates, flexibility training and strength training.  The use of a ballet barre, exercise balls, hand held weights, and one’s own body weight work in synergy to elevate the heart rate and strengthen and tone target muscle groups. Adopting the principles of interval training, Barre Fitness combines intense bouts of strength and conditioning with powerful, deep lengthening recovery stretching. It is a low impact, high intensity workout that will make you sweat but leave you feeling refreshed and ready for the day!

In doing research for the class, I've come to realize that though this style of workout is becoming increasingly popular, the quality of the class and the instructor can very tremendously.  I'm super excited to be able to combine my 15+ years of ballet and Pilates teaching experience for this class and feel that I have lots to offer.  Email me if you have any questions at all.