YAGP News... We're going to NYC!

This past weekend was a culmination of 5 months of very hard work from myself and the Canyon Concert Dancers I was coaching - Bella, Giorgia, Mallory and Sadie.  There were over 800 pieces and easily 300-350 competitors, many of whom were from outside the region.  It was my first competition experience of any kind, and it has left me with a slew of thoughts to sort through.  For now, I want to just say how proud I am of each of the dancers.  To get up on that stage, alone and under those conditions and perform your best ever run of the variation is so impressive.  Each of the girls did just that!  Also, this weekend has affirmed for me how valuable a coaching experience can be in the life of the dancer and the teacher.  It was such a growing and enriching time for me as a teacher. 

Congratulations to Bella who gets to go to the finals in NYC and to Mallory who placed in the Top 12 with her contemporary solo!!