Garrotxa, Spain....

I'm fascinated by one of the cheeses selected from the Welsh Rabbit that you'll be tasting at our "Al-Andalus" event. It's called Garrotxa and gets its name from the town it comes from located in foothills of the Pyrenees Mountains in Catalunya Spain. Apparently, it was almost extinct when some young cheese makers revived it in 1981! Spain, as you might of guessed also has a very rich folk dance tradition. Here is a folk dance from Catalunya:

Flamenco - the end goal is "duende."

In preparation for my upcoming Spanish food, wine and dance event, "Al-Andalus," Aug. 5th and 6th at the Ruminate Barn in Fort Collins,  I've been thinking about why I've long been so infatuated with flamenco.  Yesterday I saw this video of my earlier mentor, Alonzo King: 

I hope you will watch the whole thing.  But in it he talks about the real end goal of dancing:  changing lives, if even for a moment, through dance - but dance that has integrity.  Truth, beauty, honesty, humility.  These, he says, must come from inside and transcend technique.  In my limited training in flamenco, I feel like from early on the end goal of "duende" - or spirit, passion is taught.  The video below says it all!