Flamenco - the end goal is "duende."

In preparation for my upcoming Spanish food, wine and dance event, "Al-Andalus," Aug. 5th and 6th at the Ruminate Barn in Fort Collins,  I've been thinking about why I've long been so infatuated with flamenco.  Yesterday I saw this video of my earlier mentor, Alonzo King: 

I hope you will watch the whole thing.  But in it he talks about the real end goal of dancing:  changing lives, if even for a moment, through dance - but dance that has integrity.  Truth, beauty, honesty, humility.  These, he says, must come from inside and transcend technique.  In my limited training in flamenco, I feel like from early on the end goal of "duende" - or spirit, passion is taught.  The video below says it all!