"Ms. Alicia Laumann is a master coach who loves this treasured art form.  She has taught me to reach deeper into my physical capabilities, and I am very grateful."     

— Emma Harris, City Ballet San Francisco

Private Lessons

Whether you are a student pursuing a career in ballet or a new student to ballet of any age, my private lessons will give you the individualized attention needed to achieve your goals.

Private lessons will include: 

  • A free initial evaluation/ class for us to get to know each other.  We discuss your goals and I look through barre at your current technique level.  This will allow me to asses your strength and weaknesses and also allow us to collaborate on your personal goals. 
  • Each session is tailored to work toward those goals so that the class content is personalized and target-rich.
  • Each session includes rigorous and thoughtful feedback and time for the student to be self-reflective in the process.
  • Sessions can be video taped for further student feedback. 
  • Sessions can include pointe work, variation work, or coaching on a specific piece the student is preparing.


  • Single 1-hour lesson: $50
  • 4 lessons:  $180
  • 8 lessons:  $320

Location: TBA (all studios have marely & sprung floors); or your home studio.